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Monday Mashup 2021 #14 - all the social content you missed by Casper Heij

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Back on Mondays, like intended. We collected all the automotive social content you (might have) missed in the past week. Enjoy!

F40 shooting flames

One of the most amazing and original videos we've seen in a long time, comes from the @drivenslide account on Instagram. Check out this fire spitting F40 go mental in a videogame-like perspective.

Defender gets muddy

Our friend Luuk van Kaathoven created an amazing series with the Land Rover Defender by Heritage Customs.

Chris Harris on the future of the 911

The number one voice of automotive journalism shares his thoughts on the future of the Porsche 911 and the internal combustion engine.

944Rallye X 996Roadtrip

We all need a road trip. Where to next?

Il Bottegone ISO Restorations

A nice portrait by Petrolicious on a company which restores some of the most beautiful and rare cars on this planet.

Lotus in the snow

Mister Alpineracer went for a ride with some friends in their lightweight sportscars. Check out the cool video they shot.

Pick your poison: EB110 vs Ferrari F40

Two absolute legends. Two very different beasts. Two cars that might have been on your bedroom wall. Which is your favorite?

About the Monday Mashup

Every monday we will give you an overview of what you missed out on last week. We'll collect the best Instagram posts, YouTube video's and other content you might have overlooked. Maybe we'll even drop in a newly released car every now and then, but only when it's a really important one for driving enthusiasts. So grab another coffee, lean back and scroll through the web's best automotive content from the past week.

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