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F1: Drive to Survive - season 3 is coming [UPDATE] by Casper Heij

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Screnshot: F1 Drive to Survive - season 3 is coming (first teaser)

We can't wait to see F1: Drive to Survive season 3. After such an incredibly strange 2020 season, our expectations are high!

Here at DrivePact we love Formula 1. It's an amazing class where the most incredible things happen. Sure, sometimes we complain about how everything was better when Niki Lauda and James Hunt were fighting on the edge of their abilities (and sometimes well over them). And obviously we love to look back at times when smoking, grid girls and an occasional fist fight were to be seen live on television. Before the moral police kicked in, so to speak. Sure, everything was better back in the day. Sure.

But if we're completely honest, it really wasn't. We had to wait for weeks to barely scratch the surface of everything that was going on. There were no behind the scenes cameras, no live connections with pit walls. We didn't get any insights into the data that help explain the absolutely crazy speeds at which a car can go through Raidillon or Copse corner. Also, we are likely to forget how boring races were back then, we only remember the exceptional races and the boring ones we have all forgotten. We tend to romanticize the past way more than it deserves.

Not to say there weren't things that were better. We would love to see six wheeler cars again, or a modern day fan car. We'd love to see the teams have more freedom to do crazy innovations and push the limits in unorthodox ways. That's the bit we do miss.

But then again, there's more than meets the eye even now: and that's what we love about the Netflix series F1: Drive to Survive. The first two seasons were amazing and now the teaser for season three has been released. We look forward to seeing more in depth stuff on the drivers, the key players in the teams, the political games that are dictating the billion dollar sport that is Formula 1. So we had to share the teaser with you. In a month time, we'll be binging that season.

UPDATE: the real trailer is out now!

Just two more weeks to wait...

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