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1992 Macau Touring Car Race - YouTube Gold by Casper Heij

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1992 Macau Touring Car Race - YouTube Gold

Boy do we love a bit of vintage touring car racing.

The early nineties were some of the most amazing times for touring cars. There were epic battles on track with cars every eighties and nineties kid now wants on their driveway. There were some epic touring car championships around the world, but every year delegations of the most prestigious championships would race against each other at the Macau Guia circuit.

Like with this 1992 race in Macau. This edition would actually be the last time the DTM cars would participate against the Japanese GT-R's and the local drivers at the legendary street circuit in this concept. The field consisted out of a bunch Mercedes 190 EVO and BMW e30 M3 Sport Evolution from the DTM championship, which would take on Nissan Skyline GT-R R32's from Japan, Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworths and a few other amazing cars.

This YouTube video shows the highlights of that race. With big names like Bernd Schneider, Joachim Winckelhock and Emanuele Pirro going 120% at every single corner. The drivers are trying to avoid oil, backmarkers and crashed cars all while racing each other and not trying to hit the walls around the tight street circuit. Only 11 of 21 cars started would make it to the finish line! We won't spill the beans on who won, for those who don't remember this. Have fun watching!

Macau Guia Touring Car race 1992

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