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Gordon Murray tells you everything you need to know about the T.50 by Casper Heij

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The Gordon Murray T.50 might well become the most important driver's car of the decade. A new benchmark for all driver's cars to come.

We haven't driven it yet, but the Gordon Murray Design T.50 might be the best car for driving enthusiasts of this decade. And maybe the next. Everything about this car is amazing. The naturally aspirated V12 that goes over 12.000 rpm combined with a manual gearbox, the weight below a 1000 kilograms, the central seating position, it's an incredible machine.

Gordon Murray Design T.50

Man with a (lightweight) vision: Gordon Murray

And it's designer, Gordon Murray (1946, South Africa), is quite the legend as well. The mastermind behind legendary F1 cars such as the Brabham BT46B 'Fan Car' and the iconic McLaren F1 roadcar has a great passion for performance, and a severe hate of kilograms. This becomes very clear if you hear him talk about his latest passion project: the Gordon Murray Design T.50 supercar. He is also a passionate storyteller and if you put Harry Metcalfe in the mix, the outcome is an incredibly satisfying video.

We can imagine you want to hear mister Murray tell more, after watching this video. So we have another recommendation: the Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris. In episode 21 of this podcast the Top Gear presenter interviews mister Murray not only about his T.50, but also about his history as a F1 designer, his love for the Suzuki Jimny (hint: he likes lightweight, functional cars), some great anecdotes on the F1 roadcar and a lot more.

And if you're done with that, and just want to admire his latest project, the T50, than we have a little gallery for you, along with the most important specs.

Gordon Murray Design T.50 specifications

  • rear-mid engined coupé
  • central driving position
  • two outboard passengers
  • rear wheel drive
Length 4,352 mm
Width 1,850 mm
Height 1,164 mm
Wheelbase 2,700 mm
Weight 986 kg
Dry weight 957 kg
Fuel tank 80 litres
Oil capacity 14 litres
Luggage / stowage 228 litres (three occupants)
Luggage / stowage 288 litres (two occupants)
Engine Cosworth V12 semi-structural
V-Angle 65’
Bore 81.5 mm
Stroke 63.8 mm
Compression ratio 14:1
Max power 663 PS @ 11,500 rpm
Power to weight ratio 672 PS per tonne
Max torque 467 Nm @ 9,000 rpm
Maximum RPM 12,100
Gearbox Six speed manual
Differential Limited Slip (Salisbury)
Wheels 19x8.5 inch front / 20x11 inch rear
Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S
Brake discs 370mm front / 340 mm rear Brembo Carbon Ceramic discs
Brake calipers 6 piston aluminium monobloc front / 4 piston aluminium monobloc rear
Driver aids ABS / ESP (switchable) / low speed power-assisted steering
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