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Three car brand YouTube channels to follow - #ThreeToFollow by Casper Heij

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Three car brand YouTube channels to follow - #ThreeToFollow

In this weeks Three To Follow we give you the best car brand YouTube channels. We also give you our favorite video or playlist on their channel, of all time.

Ferrari YouTube Channel

This one is maybe the biggest surprise. Ferrari might not be perceived as the most open or approachable brand out there. But they do some amazing stuff on their YouTube channel. For instance, last week they did a series on explaining the different shades of red they put on their cars. We like those kind of geeky things, especially from a brand that also seems so to take themselves so incredibly serious all the time.

The official Ferrari YouTube Channel Ferrari YouTube channel brings you at the very heart of Ferrari F1 and GT souls. Discover all the exclusive contents and share Ferrari official point of view: F1 tests, interviews, focus on new and historical GT cars, curiosities and extra on the most desired F…

But the best content is generally created around their F1 drivers. For instance in the video below, which is our all time favorite from the brand: Fernando Alonso going for two 'slow laps' in a pre-production LaFerrari. We've seen it dozens of times, it still makes us laugh.

Land Rover YouTube Channel

This channel really hits different with its overall vibe. It all just wants to make us grab a roof tent and go over-landing. We want to go on an adventure just watching the different thumbnails.

Land Rover
Go Above and Beyond with Land Rover. This philosophy influences our vehicles and inspires our owners and fans around the world. Discover more about our luxury SUVs. Experience the class leading design, innovative technology and advanced engineering that gives Land Rovers the versatility and capabi…

In this case we don't want to highlight one video, but a series they are releasing. They are actually longer format films by people who are pretty much going on adventures for a living. Mountaineers, survival experts, explorers: they all tell their amazing stories. It doesn't even have to do too much with cars, but we love the fact that Land Rover gives those people a little platform to tell their amazing stories. Great lock-down material!

Above and Beyond Stories
Video’s delen met vrienden, familie en de rest van de wereld

Porsche YouTube Channel

And the third an final one is the one you all expected: Porsche. You can not make a list like this and not include Porsche. Personally I can't believe they still haven't crossed the 1 million mark, because the content they put out is very good. It's a great mixture of heritage, product news, commercials and other videos. There's some very nice explaining videos, great history lessons and amazing record videos on there too.

What we like most about their channel? Probably that they make videos they don't have to make. They don't have to do a race between an GT3 Cup Car and a Taycan at a racetrack, but they do. They don't have to create a Top 5 of never before shown concept cars, but they do. They understand very well that sharing the passion for the brand is very well received by the fans of the brand. It's a very broad approach to marketing and advertising. Very well done. Here's the link to their channel:

The official Porsche Channel features exciting content as well as technology and development films by Porsche. Experience the history of Porsche motor sports and behind-the-scenes footage in moving pictures. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AGPorscheplatz 1D-70435 StuttgartE-Mail: info@porsche.deImprin…

And this is our favorite video of theirs, of all time: the 2018 Nürburgring 24 hour race recap. It captures the atmosphere of the event so well.

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