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Ferrari 250 GTO racing Zandvoort - YouTube Gold by Casper Heij

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Ferrari 250 GTO racing Zandvoort - YouTube Gold

In this week's YouTube Gold a Ferrari 250 GTO racing on the Zandvoort circuit.

There's a few things we can all take away from these videos. First of all: Ferrari 250 GTO's are a handful on track, when driven to their limits. We can see the driver fighting the car most of the time, lighting up the rear tires on basicly every single corner and acceleration. Second, every car should have a foot-cam, because it's so incredibly fascinating to see the driver work those pedals. We often think cars are just controlled with the steering wheel, but the pedals play a huge role in this case too!

Well, thankfully Robert Alblas did just that: he installed an onboard cam and a footcam, so we can see what happens down there. Awesome!

Ferrari 250 GTO racing Zandvoort - YouTube Gold

But for those of you who want to see more of this car, there's also another, maybe even more beautiful film which shows more of the car. Enjoy.

Ferrari 250 GTO racing Zandvoort - YouTube Gold

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