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Ferrari Enzo WRC - YouTube Gold by Casper Heij

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Ferrari Enzo WRC - YouTube Gold

In this week's YouTube Gold: the Ferrari Enzo that does some WRC-style rally driving.

There's not much people who are as crazy about cars as the British. They are proper crazy when it comes to their cars. It doesn't matter how rich (or poor) you are in the Land of Fish & Chips: if you buy a car, you buy a good one. And you use them properly too. If you don't, you are actually risking jail sentences. Recidivism is punished by death.*

The people of Tax the Rich stormed the internet a few years ago with some proper hooning, but the one video that stood out was this one: a Ferrari Enzo being properly sent on some dirt roads, drifting through puddles and giving it's underneat a proper beating. The Enzo seems completely out of place, yet completely in it's element. We love it. It's YouTube Gold.

Tax The Rich - Ferrari Enzo WRC

*we might have exaggerated a bit here.

About YouTube Gold

In this returning series we highlight a YouTube video we love. It can be recent, it can be older than the internet itself, but it's definitely worth the watch. It can be a documentary, a short clip, a feature of a car or an onboard around a track. It can be a very expensive production but also a very simple production. Sometimes a dashcam video leaves a bigger impression than a Hollywood production. Either way, what we post in this series is worth your attention in our mind. It's in our favorites and we think it might just make it to your favorites too.

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