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John (80) owns and drives a Ferrari F40 - video by Casper Heij

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Screenshot from the SuperCarDriver video

John, 80 years of age, drives a Ferrari F40. And he drives it like he stole it too.

A Ferrari F40 is a poster car for probably everybody who grew up in the 80's. Or 90's. Wait, let us do this right... A Ferrari F40 is a poster car for everybody. Young and old, everybody appreciates this car for being an amazing piece of design, with amazing technology. We could argue that no car maker has created a car since the F40, that leaves such a huge impression as the F40 does. It's a legend.

But legends get bought by collectors. And collectors tend to put them away in a car storage or a museum, hoping the value increases. Which it often does. But to make the value go up, generally people tend to keep the milage down. Most of these cars don't get driven, or only come out in perfect weather conditions to show up at a Concours of some sorts.

So meet John, an 80 year old man who bought a Ferrari F40. He went to have a look at a couple of them, but he wanted one he could drive. So he skipped a few low mileage garage queens and bought this car which had a bit more miles on the odometer.

So here we are, a few years later. John, 80 years old, now owns and drives a Ferrari F40. And he is not driving this thing just when the sun is out and temperatures are nice and meditteranean. No, for this video he took out the car in the rain, in the fall, and he doesn't play it safe. The F40 is known for it's turbo lag and tricky handling, but John is not easily scared. Having quite the history in racing and driving rallies, he spins up the rears within 1:30 of this video and smiles while doing so. Nothing wrong with the reflexes at 80 years old. We can only dream we get old the way John does. John is an absolute legend if you ask us.

Or as SuperCarDriver says on his YouTube channel: be like John.

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