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OSHE Porsche 911T - YouTube Gold by Casper Heij

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OSHE Porsche 911T - YouTube Gold

This OSHE Porsche 911T YouTube video has been an inspiration to our own video portrait series. So it surely deserves a place in our YouTube Gold series too.

These days it seems like every old Porsche 911 we see is a restomod. But not this one, because although the aubergine Porsche 911T by Oshe has been completely stripped and built from the ground up again, it's simply what it is: an old 911T. Sure, there's been a few minor adjustments here and there, but this is not a 964 built to look older than it is.

Workshop Seventy7 built this thing completely back up again for their OSHE cars label. All the old parts have been re-used where possible, because they didn't want to take out any character by using new ones. We love this mentality, and we love this car. If we could use hashtags, the #GOALS would be appropriate.

OSHE Porsche 911T - YouTube Gold

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