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Three F1 Journalists to follow on Twitter - #ThreeToFollow by Casper Heij

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This weekend the 2021 season of Formula 1 starts, so we thought we'd share our three favorite F1-journalists for you to follow!

Matt Gallagher - @MattyWTF1

This guy is one of the people behind WTF1. An account that brings us the news, but always in a fun and entertaining way. Their podcast is cool too, by the way. We like Matt because he didn't follow the traditional path; a big part of WTF1 is creating memes and they even have a social media ranking for the social accounts ran by the teams. Recognition though: he has officially joined the F1 team at the Bahrein Grand Prix for this weekend. Congrats Matt!

Will Buxton - @wbuxtonofficial

Not everyone likes Will, but then again: Michael Schumacher wasn't loved by everyone back in the day, was he? The best people in their trade often aren't liked by everyone, that's just the way the world works. Will is undeniably very good at what he does though. He's always on top of things, knows each and every person in the paddock and has some great insights each race weekend.

Andrew Benson - @andrewbensonf1

The lead F1 writer for the BBC is an absolute must-follow on Twitter. He has regular insights and great scoops. Always very critical and sharp in his findings. If you like Formula 1, you really need to follow this guy.

About Three To Follow

Each week we highlight three of our favorites on social media. Favorite what? It can be anything, as long as there's a social media account attached to it. It can be three artists, designers, photographers, journalists, brands, drivers, maybe after market companies or destinations: it really can be anything. We always select three accounts we like within a theme. Three accounts we think are worth a follow. Enjoy!

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