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Why the Shitbox Run should be a thing by Casper Heij

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Shitboxes. And a Suzuki Jimny.

Does owning an expensive sportscar make you happy? Probably. But I seriously doubt it would give you as much joy in life as owning a shitbox does. Let alone running that shitbox over some amazing roads, amongst friends in their own shitboxes. Before we continue: scroll back up, check out those cars and see if you can identify them all. Try imagining the total value of all cars combined.

Yes, you've seen that right. Not counting the Suzuki Jimny that was used as a support car during the run, all five participating cars in that photo represent a combined worth of half a Porsche 911. And we're talking about the cheapest Porsche 911 we can find in Europe. A battered 996 or something. With rust and engine damage.

Anyway, there's five cars in that photo and they travelled around the best roads in France for three days. They were thrown through hairpins, over mountain passes and roads narrow enough to be classified as footpaths. The thing is: being shitboxes, their owners couldn't be bothered to do all that at full speed. In the stories we first spotted through our Instagram stories (go give @asphaltheritage and @soupapes_spotting a follow!) we saw so much pure driving fun!

It made us reconsider owning any car worth over €1000 euros, because that's what you're looking at here: small cars, less than 3,80 meters long, less than a 1000 kilograms, less than 100 hp, and most importantly: less than €1000. Oh, and they were all released before the year 2000.

Now, they weren't cruising around for a few nice photos either. They were driving like they were pro rally drivers. As you can see in the clip below, tyres were tortured, pedals were floored and fun was had.

There might have been some contact, there might have been minor scrubbing, there might have been three-car-wide situations on two-car-wide roads. But fun was had! We seriously doubt sportscar owners would do the same with their precious belongings. Therefor I dare to put out a bold statement here: there's more fun to be had in a Shitbox than in a million dollar sportscar. Prove me wrong.

Now if you'll excuse us? We're busy browsing the classifieds for shitboxes.

Thanks to Asphalt Heritage for letting us tell their story!
Opening photo: Amaury Laparra

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